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How do I jump over openings in the Eshbond partitions? Is there a block like "Lintel" for example?

In the Ashbond partitions, the bridge over the openings is made by installing two blocks on each side of the opening, with the adhesive bonding as close as possible to the center of the opening, with a minimum of 15 cm on each side, because of the monolithic strength of the blocks glued to each other.

How can I anchor / attach or attach heavy accessories to the Ashbond partitions?

By means of "dipels" suitable for this type of block. The DIBL is screwed to the hole drilled in a partition, with the depth of the hole 1 more than the length of the DIBL.It is recommended to manually screw the dibble to the partition.

Consult the Ashbond consultants or the company's specifications when hanging heavy bodies on an ashbond partition.

For the purchase of suitable anchors, you can contact the "Mittad House Dibel" at 03-6880213 on Haharsh Street, Tel Aviv.

Is it necessary to create a waterproofing layer on the partitions of bathrooms and shower before pasting the tiles? And if so, which sealant is recommended?

There is no need for a waterproofing layer on water-resistant ashbond partitions because the blocks themselves are water resistant. Apply the tiles directly to the back of the partition using acrylic-based adhesives.

How do you connect the partition to the existing walls?

Asbestos partitions are bonded to existing walls as they are attached to the ceiling, applying sealing strips between them and the wall or ceiling.

Is it possible to use the Ashbond blocks to construct external walls?

Ashbond blocks can not be used to construct external walls. The Ashbond Block is designed for face partitions only.

Is it possible to build an Ashbond partition on existing flooring?

It is recommended that you can set up an ashbond partition on the floor, of course you should use the elements of the ashbond, such as: laying the partition on the base line, the trapeze.

Do I need belts with Ashbond?

There is no need for belts or columns in the Eshbond partitions. The Ashbond partition has a high "monolithic" strength and therefore the sealing and separation elements are applied on all sides.

האם מיישמים טיח על מחיצת אשבונד?

No. Preparation of the partition to the paint is done by applying a soup, such as plasterboard, for example, but on the entire partition.

What is the function of the sealing strip?

The sealing strips, the baseband of the cork and the flat sealing strip are designed to detach the adjacent partition on all sides, and also allow the partition to function as a "section", a feature achieved due to the high monolithic strength
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