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Fire Resistance of Ashbond
Fire Resistance Tests There are two guiding standards that examine the development of fire in building spaces. Israeli Standard 931 Fire Resistance of Building Elements and Israeli Standard 755 Classification of Products During Fire. Among other things, the behavior and characteristics of building materials are examined at high temperatures; The development of temperature in building parts during the fire; Mechanical behavior during fire and determination of the fire resistance of structural parts of different materials.

Ashbond gypsum block is resistant to fire

According to Israeli standard 931, a gypsum block of 10 cm ashbond is found to be resistant to fire over 180 minutes.
An 6 cm ashbond block is found to be resistant to 120 fire for minutes.

Classification / response in a fire

Israeli Standard 755 Fire response tests examine how different materials behave during a fire in terms of emissions of toxic substances, flammability, degree of flare, degree of smoke density, and more.
The Ashbond Gypsum Block has the highest possible classification in the three parameters examined in the 4.4 VI classification.
The Ashbond blocks are completely combustible! And does not emit pollutants while it is burning.
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