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The plaster partitions of Ashbond
The Ashbond Block has "socket" connections on all four sides. The connection between the blocks during the assembly is done using Ashbond clay produced from the same material as the plaster block, with special resins.

The end result is a monolithic plaster partition as a single block with very high strength, which is an excellent substitute for lightweight plaster partitions. The construction with the Ashbond Block therefore combines the massive of the conventional partition (black blocks with plaster) with the appearance and smoothness of the plaster.

The plaster partitions of Ashbond

Block Ashbond complies with the requirements of the Israeli Standard 1504 for fracture strength. And has a particularly high mechanical strength on the plaster partitions can be hung light and heavy items without fear of using suitable anchors. The partitions are built to carry very heavy objects such as sinks, shelves and more.

When a hard object is damaged, no cracks or fractures will appear in the plaster partition. Even if local crush is caused by unintentional damage (for example, in public buildings as a result of the battering of various objects, chairs, tables, hospital beds, etc.), the repair is easy and very quick by filling and smoothing the place of injury
10 plasterboard partitions were tested according to the Israeli standard 1503, and it was found that in the operation of suitable energy they correspond to the highest service level, both to the borderline of the service and to the state of destruction.If dismantling the wall due to changes in the division of the structure, Damage to the pavement and without the need for special repair work.
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