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Green building of the Ashbond
With Ashbond building green and protecting the environment. The block for green construction is made of natural natural gypsum that is not radioactive.

Ashbond's plaster block has been tested and has successfully met the requirements of the Israeli Standard 5098, which specifies the requirements and methods of testing the natural radioactive element content in green construction products containing mineral materials, which are used to construct parts of the building envelope or elements within the spaces of buildings intended for human stay.
In the examination of the contents of the radioactive elements in the Ashbond block made according to the above standard, the block received a commendation - 0001.

For example: residential apartments, office space, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings and the first green school that was built in Israel in a neighborhood defined as green from the urban planning stage to final construction was built in the Eshbond blocks.
The thermal resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and the classification of the reaction in the fire of the gypsum block ashbond make it the preferred choice in the construction of residential buildings, public buildings and others, since it is friendly to the individual and the environment at every stage from the production stage to the stage where the partition finished its function in the structure, Natural ones that do not pollute the environment.

Green building with plaster blocks Ashbond

Green building is no longer a passing conceptual trend, but an entire way of life that has been established in response to the environmental issues of recent decades. Green building advocates reducing the environmental stamp of the construction industry in general and man in particular. Its principles are clear: creating savings in energy and raw materials, reducing the use of polluting materials, using consumable and cost-effective materials, reducing waste during construction and, of course, from the structure after it.

Green advantages of gypsum block Ashbond

As part of the Green Vision, the Ashbond plaster block provides contractors with clear advantages: The use of the block ensures easy and durable construction, without the need for auxiliary accessories that create waste, while complying with the standards of various interior partitions in Israel.
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