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Water resistant block of ashbond
In addition to the usual plaster blocks, Ashbond produces waterproof plaster blocks of 10 thickness and 6 thickness.

בלוקי גבס אלה משמשים לבניית מחיצות בחללים רטובים.

The natural gypsum from which the blocks are made enjoys a high porosity, and therefore the partition constructed by means of a plaster block is a "breathing". In humid environments moisture is absorbed in the wall and in a dry environment it is emitted from it.
This feature contributes to the improvement of climate comfort and the phenomenon of water condensation on the walls (eg in the bathroom) is completely avoided.
A water-resistant ashbond block is produced with the addition of silicon in the production process, thus obtaining a water resistant block for each thickness of the block.

The unique construction method in plaster blocks Ashbond enables the construction of wet spaces without additional sealing in the walls, which contributes to shortening construction time and reducing its costs.
The tiles are bonded directly onto the partition using acrylic adhesive.
The partition consists of water-resistant blocks and mortar, so when pipes fail in the pipes, the moisture will not be absorbed to other places, and the water stain will be focused and therefore the repair will be focused and quick.

Advantages of water-resistant block

The construction of wet rooms requires the use of suitable and quality materials, in order to prevent the appearance of phenomena that may endanger the health of the residents and damage the entire property.
Bathrooms, toilets and even kitchens can show condensation (drops of water) on the walls and ceiling. This moisture is absorbed through the plaster to the building block, weakens it and can damage the various systems within it.
Moisture can also cause the release of tiles from the wall, and replacing them expensive and complex.

In addition, the accumulated moisture creates moisture stains and fungi, which pose a real threat to the health of the tenants: the fungi release microscopic spores whose aspiration can cause severe respiratory problems.
The fungi can spread and damage wall cabinets, furniture, and clothing, so that a good defense against them is economic and worthwhile for the wise tenant.
The condensation disappears easily in the rooms and partitions built by Ashbond's water-resistant block, and with it also its harmful effects.

Water-resistant block for lightweight construction

Due to its excellent humidity properties, the block is a convenient solution for easy construction - there is no need to use sealants on the walls, since the block responds independently to moisture levels and prevents the appearance of undesirable and harmful phenomena.
In addition, tiles can be placed directly onto the block using acrylic adhesive, without the use of special aids or preparation. Therefore, the use of the block shortens the costs of obtaining them, optimizes and significantly reduces construction time.
The block itself is waterproof so it can be trusted even in the event of an infrastructure failure - in case of failure the treatment pipe will be light and agile. The moisture stain will be local, without spreading to other places in the wall, so that the replacement will be point-only.
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