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The plaster block of Ashbond
The Ashbond Block combines all the advantages of building lightweight partitions with all the advantages of massive partitions. Block Ashbond is not just another "block," but a unique construction method.

Advantages of Ashbond Gypsum Block

The plaster block Ashbond is a plaster block for quick and easy construction, completely non-flammable, precise, with a smooth and uniform surface area that allows for construction without plaster and no belts at the developers and special heights. The block is very convenient to assemble (three blocks = one square meter) and saves time for execution and does not damage the existing infrastructure. The gypsum block also has high mechanical strength, water resistance and high thermal mass.

Prices of gypsum block

Compared to the alternatives in the market, Ashbond's plaster blocks do not need to apply a layer of plaster that increases the costs of building the entire wall and the finishing layer will be an American (only) ashbond, so that the cost of building the entire wall will be significantly lower.

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