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Thermal insulation of ashbond
In the days when energy consumption is an important resource for the environment and expensive, thermal insulation is one of the most important considerations in the selection of building materials / raw materials. The traditional methods of heating or cooling the house usually leave their mark on the environment: polluting smoke from the power stations causes respiratory problems, damage to fish and animals near the stations, and eventually polluting materials seep into the groundwater, which becomes unacceptable for drinking.

להקטנת הפגיעה בסביבה נדרשים אנו לחשוב כיצד להזיק פחות לסביבה בה אנו חיים, אחד הדברים החשובים בשנים האחרונות הוא בנייה ירוקה עם דגש על התקנת מבודדים תרמיים יעילים בתחומים השונים בכלל ובבתים שלנו בפרט. בידוד תרמי שומר על תנאי טמפרטורה נוחים בנכס ומשמר את התנאים הרצויים (חימום או קירור) לאורך זמן, גם לאחר סיום פעולת המזגן, התנור או מפזר החום.
More importantly, proper thermal insulation allows you to reach the same conditions quickly - the room heats up or cools quickly, so there is no need to operate the electronic devices over time. The end result is that reduced use of polluting energy has been achieved and significant savings have been achieved for the tenants.
In some cases, the damage can be remedied by superficial cleaning and re-painting with a dedicated paint, but in more severe cases, the damaged parts of the wall must be removed and repainted. And therefore the costs of renovation can be high.

One of the main considerations in choosing construction materials in Israel is natural materials that provide effective thermal insulation. The year 2010 was the hottest year since the beginning of measurements in our region, while energy costs have increased tens of percent, effective thermal insulation is not only an attractive criterion but a direct condition for energy saving

Thermal insulation with ashbond blocks

It is customary to use mineral materials for optimal thermal insulation. As a mineral material, gypsum is preferred in improving thermal conditions over other materials.
Ashbond's gypsum block has high thermal resistance. Its insulation properties are enhanced by its porous structure and being a breathing material. It can absorb moisture and balance the environmental feeling in the room.

בלוק גבס אשבונד עומד בתקן הישראלי 1045 – עמידות תרמית. התקן מגדיר את דרישות העמידות התרמית לפי אזורי אקלים בארץ: מישור החוף (אזור א'), השפלה והנגב הצפוני (אזור ב'), ההר (אזור ג'), בקעת הירדן והערבה (אזור ד').
The combination of an 6 cm Ashbond block in a building that has concrete exterior walls with stone cladding provides an appropriate response to Area A.
The thermal resistivity values ​​of gypsum blocks are: 10, 0.45, 0.24, and 6 to a block of XNUMX thickness. The block has a high thermal mass and construction using the Ashbond method meets all the criteria of green building.
The block's capabilities as a means of thermal insulation prove time and time again that the use of the gypsum block Ashbond is a green and attractive choice for both the contractor and the users of the building after completion of construction.
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