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Block Ashbond

Block Ashbond - Gypsum Block
The Ashbond Block combines all the advantages of building lightweight partitions with all the advantages of massive partitions. Block Ashbond is not just another "block," but a unique construction method.
Ashbond block - Water resistant block
In addition to the usual plaster blocks, Ashbond produces waterproof plaster blocks of 10 thickness and 6 thickness.
Block Ashbond - Rapid Construction
Construction of partitions using a plaster block Ashbond is easy, flexible and fast and can be carried out even in self-construction, since it is dry construction.
Block Ashbond - Green Building
With Ashbond building green and protecting the environment. The block for green construction is made of natural natural gypsum that is not radioactive.
Block Ashbond - Gypsum partitions
The Ashbond Block has "socket" connections on all four sides. The connection between the blocks during the assembly is done using Ashbond clay produced from the same material as the plaster block, with special resins.
Ashbond Block - thermal insulation
In the days when energy consumption is an important resource for the environment and expensive, thermal insulation is one of the most important considerations in the selection of building materials / raw materials. The traditional methods of heating or cooling the house usually leave their mark on the environment: polluting smoke from the power stations causes respiratory problems, damage to fish and animals near the stations, and eventually polluting materials seep into the groundwater, which becomes unacceptable for drinking.
Block Ashbond - acoustic insulation
Noise is one of the most damaging environmental hazards. Prolonged exposure to noise in the form of traffic or air-conditioning systems causes discomfort / restlessness, irritability, headaches and fatigue, and significantly damages the quality of life.
Ashbond Block - Fire Resistance
Fire Resistance Tests There are two guiding standards that examine the development of fire in building spaces. Israeli Standard 931 Fire Resistance of Building Elements and Israeli Standard 755 Classification of Products During Fire. Among other things, the behavior and characteristics of building materials are examined at high temperatures; The development of temperature in building parts during the fire; Mechanical behavior during fire and determination of the fire resistance of structural parts of different materials.
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