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About Ashbond

Ashbond was created as a combination of the many years of experience of the Ashtrom Group, which includes companies operating in all construction, construction and infrastructure industries and the Orbond Industries Group of the KNAUF Group, which manufactures all plaster products for construction including plaster blocks and partitions.
The cooperation between the companies creates the system of partitions. The Ashbond blocks are no longer blocks. This is a quality system for building partitions in a unique and revolutionary method, designed for use in the distribution of internal spaces, enabling the construction of massive partitions with maximum precision, strength and flexibility while achieving clear advantages of a particularly smooth surface, time and materials and improved thermal and acoustic insulation. .

Partitions of an ashbond Have been used for decades in Israel and abroad in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Argentina, and more. In Israel, these partitions occupy a large part of the boundaries of the barriers in housing, hotels, commercial areas and hospitals, as a result of the clear advantages of the partition.

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